D. Heilman Astrophotography

SH2-155 - Cave Nebula

The Cave Nebula area is part of the greater Cepheus molecular cloud region and is home to many interesting targets. I framed this to highlight the emission area of the "cave" but also to grab a good bit of the dust cloud nearby which includes other interesting features including HH 168 (the deep red blotch at the right) and GN 22.55.2 (a small emission nebula). HH 168 is a Herbig-Haro body, a star about to be born is casting out intense radiation at its poles pushing and heating the gases that surround it.  Close inspection shows several outflows and a deep red color from the ionized hydrogen gas produced.  Many other features in the scene are decorated with dust, which permeates the entire area.  The greater Cepheus molecular cloud is ripe with star formation and other interesting nebulae, some of which I've photographed.  See my gallery for the Wizard, Iris, and Ced214 Nebulae which are also part of Cepheus's dusty gas filled region.